Improve Performance, Extend Roof Life

The Simple, Sustainable Repair:
Metal roofs have an expected life of 40-50 years, but without frequent, costly repairs, they rarely last that long. More often than not, these repairs are just temporary solutions that don’t truly fix the problem. Metal roofs generally remain structurally sound for their entire 40-50 year life, but on top of the frequent repairs, they can be riddled with leaks. These leaks often lead to premature removal and replacement. Many metal roofs never reach their expected life because building owners grow tired of dumping money into constant repairs that never seem to work.
A Silicone Roof Coating Restoration (RCR) from GIIG Silicones is the optimal solution to a leak-prone metal roof. By applying a thin layer of silicone directly to the metal roof surface, you can eliminate leaks and repairs for up to 20
years. A large portion of leaks on metal roofs are the result of failure at roof seams, fasteners, or flashings. Our RCR completely seals these features and effectively eliminates the risk of leaks at these common weak points.
  • Seams often lead to leaks
  • Fasteners backout, allow heat loss, and can leak
  • Roof expands and contracts with temperature swings
  • Rust leads to roof failure
  • Flashings deteriorate and leak
  • 100% seamless means no leaks
  • Completely encapsulates fasteners
  • Elasticity ensures no gaps in roof surface
  • Stops current and prevents future rusting
  • Silicone is self-flashing