White is the New Green

Our silicone roof coatings are designed to restore your roof and provide it with a longer, more effective life. This cost-effective solution can be quickly installed and helps reduce energy costs. Our coatings can be applied over a wide range of substrates, using a wide range of techniques.

At G2G Silicones, we manufacture cost-effective roofing systems that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, with a focus on providing a high-performance solution. During installation, our roofing systems utilize the existing insulation and roof assembly when possible, and most importantly, can be restored at the end of the warranty period. This means you never again have to worry about the expense and negative environmental impact of roof removal.

Each of our products is designed with the environment in mind, and our installation and recoat processes mean we have developed the most environmentally friendly product on the market. Contact us today to see how our products can improve your building while making a positive impact on the environment, all at a competitive price point.